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"One Size Does Not Fit All!"

What does Hangthis Up mean by "custom-made" organizing devices?   Most shed organization products sold at Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon are "one size fits all" products.   You hang garden hoses and step ladders on the same hooks as shovels and rakes.   The result is a disaster when you try to "dislodge" a tool from the tool rack in your shed.  The moment you touch it, you feel like you are playing Jenga!   The game of "garden tool" retrieval turns into a dangerous avalanche of wood, fiberglass and steel.  Few experiences in life are more frustrating!

Hangthis Up knows that "one size does not fit all" when you're organizing your yard shed.   We make custom designed products for 14+ items that you store in your shed. Our devices are custom made for step ladders, garden hoses, long poles, corn hole boards, shovels, rakes, weed whackers, lawn chairs, Storage, snow skis, water skits, kayak paddles, skateboards, shelf brackets...  Install is as breeze and their functionality is even better.  Our video channel at youtube will grow your appreciation for this outcome. 

Our Conviction:  If organizing is not easy, it does not get done.

Our Mission:  To turn messy spaces into places you can be proud of!

Let be sure that your shed looks great and that organization is easy with!   

Watch our videos on Youtube at hangthisupshop. (  

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