Isn't Hangthis Up "Just Plywood!"

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HEY TIM...Isn’t it “Just Plywood?!” This is a great question!   When most of us think of plywood we are thinking of 1/2” or 5/8” construction grade ply from a local big box store that has 4 or 5 layers, is made from soft woods, is full of voids/knots and has a rough finish.    Furniture grade Birch ply is Unique:  

  1. Our Birch ply has 7 layers of hard wood in 3/8"
  2. The surfaces are sanded and has no voids or knots.
  3. Furniture Grade Ply has a super high strength - weight ratio.

Some have suggested that they can make this product on their own which is true. My first organizers were cut using a hole-saw and a jig-saw (Black and Decker, Color: Avacado/6” orange cord).  To put in mildly, they were a bit rough but worked well.   Then I met a game changer:  The CNC router table!  We drew our products in CAD and the rest is history.  

Our devices area precision cut, pre-drilled, and have beveled edges which eliminates splintering.   We offer 14+ Custom Fit devices (for shovels, weed whackers, step ladders, hoses, pole saws, shelf brackets, etc)  Every order comes with fasteners and a drive bit.  (** If you would like to handle our devices before purchase or are tempted to make them on your own -as I would be as a hobbyist furniture builder- please email me your address at and I will send you a free pair of our Garden Tool Organizer Double to try out.)

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