How is Hangthis Up My Shed Organizing System Made?

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Hangthis Up was developed by Tim Hoff during the Covid pandemic.  I was looking at my shed, honestly, a little upset with the mess it had become. I mean, when is the last time your buddy asked you to come and take a look at his shed!  The truth is we all got our beautiful new shed and had great hopes that is would be a beautiful, organized space but in a few short months, it was an embarrassing mess.   "Shed happens" to all of us!! It is inevitable but does not have to be!!!

What most of us lack is an easy to use, custom fit shed organizing system for yard tools, garden tools, and all the other items you store in your shed.  Here is a simple truth: If shed organization is not easy, it won't get done!  The universal organizers simply fail to live up to the hype!   They are not fun to install, they look terrible and are of poor quality and fit.  On top of that, most are made in China. We are proudly crafted in the USA!

My Shed Organizing System (US Trademarked) was developed to make organizing yard tools in your shed a fun and easy process.  

We drew up all of our devices in CAD and employed a craftsman from Lancaster, PA to manufacture them.  We decided to use high quality birch ply (which has an unusually high strength to weight ratio) cut on a CNC router table. Each device is cut with a beveled edge to give a smooth finish and reduce injury if you run into it.   Our devices attach to the side of the stud and self level when installed.  They come predrilled and install with ease.  The side mount (patent pending devices) plate gives maximum strength to our devices and since they are made from wood, they look great once installed.

Furniture grade birch plywood has no voids so each device is a solid piece of wood.  The 3/8" material we use has 7 layers in that thickness which produces a nearly unbreakable device.   Each device is predrilled to make the install process easy.  We ship each order with the fasteners/screws needed and a free drive bit to use for install!!!  Our site is loaded with photos that show how GREAT your yard shed can look. 

Instead of your yard shed being an embarrassing no go zone, let us help you make it a place you can be proud of!!!

Don't let "shed happen" again! 

Order your Hangthis Up Shed Organization, custom fit products today!

Tim Hoff / Owner, Developer of Hangthis Up

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