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HANGTHIS Up Pole and Long Pool Equipment Organizer, shed organization, yard shed, garden shed

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Shed Organization - Pole and Pool Skimmer Organizer - for organizing long poles like pole saws, pool skimmers, long umbrellas, and more. 

Our unique "stud mount" design gives added strength and our products "self level" when the device is pressed against the exterior sheathing of your shed. Each device is predrilled for ease of install. Fasteners and drive bit are included with each order.

We are the only shed organizing company that makes all of our products from renewable resources (wisa birch ply). Our products were made to give a custom rather than universal fit/use. As a result our products look neat once installed because they are designed to "fit" the variety of items you store in your shed.

This item is made from 3/8" Wisa Birch plywood. It is a cabinet grade ply which has 7 layers. This product has an unusually high "strength to weight ratio" and is incredibly durable. The devices are cut on a computer aided router and each one has a beveled edge. Each item is hand sanded and branded for a personal touch.

Pole and Pool Organizer kit includes:

  • 2 Pole and Pool Organizers
  • Fastener Screws Included With Purchase 


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