About Us

Hangthis Up was started in 2020 during the pandemic.  My passion for organization birthed this amazing product.  I love organization, but if it is not easy, I know my spaces are a mess!    My shed was a disaster, so I hand made a few devices from plywood and they worked great but were not attractive.  I had been hearing about CNC router tables so I employed a friend to draw some devices in CAD and took them to a CNC shop in Lancaster, PA.   It worked great using furniture grade plywood and Hangthis Up was born.  We Trademarked our name and applied for a patent for our "self leveling shed organizing devices".     We have 4 on-line sales channels and are beginning expand into the shed industry.  Feel free to call me at 908 319-1880 if you have any questions!  Tim Hoff, Developer and Owner   Email:  tim@hangthisup.com
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